Yamaha R15 v3 bs6 Review-

Yamaha is the first one to give the average Indian motorcyclist the thrill of performance. In 1983 the Yamaha RD350 brought the thrill of speeds to the shores of the subcontinent and later it was the RX100 which made performance affordable and reached amass-market But those were the days before I was born… Let’s skip ahead to 25 years it’s 2008 and Yamaha launches the R15 a motorcycle that completely changed Indian motorcycling with super sport-inspired design, razor-sharp handling and Yamaha initiative like the one-make championship for the R15 which got many young riders onto the track days for the very first time but this is where the story takes a wrong turn. Where the Indian motorcyclist waited for the R3 and the R6 Yamaha kept giving sticker upgrades to their R15 yes they did some changes to make the R15 more sporty with the V2 but that received mixed reactions. The introduction of the KTM redefined performance whereas Yamaha focused mainly on making more scooters and making more money and competing with Honda. But it’s 2018 now and Yamaha has come back with a fully kitted out R3 and the new heartthrob of the young Indian rider. Presenting Yamaha YZF R15 V3.

R15 v3 bs6

Overall details-

let’s first take a look at the specs and what’s different in this all-new version. The engine has been upped from 149 CC to 155 CC single-cylinder motor which is producing 18.3 bhp at 10,000 rpm that astronomically high-rpm figure had me worried about the lack of low-end performance but Yamaha claims that with variable valve timing they use two different cams, one to deliver low-end torque and the other to deliver more power from 7000 RPM onwards. Torque figures are 14.1 Newton meters and that isn’t something groundbreaking and that is why you do feel the sluggishness in the lower RPMs. The Yamaha R15 retains the Delta box frame from version 1 it’s a 10-year-old frame now but even now the frame feels just as good and it’s one of the favorite things of mine on this motorcycle.

Braking duties are performed by a 282-millimeter single-disc upfront which is provided by Bybee and a 220-millimeter single disc at the rear which is somehow provided by Nissin. The front brakes could have been a lot better, they lack the initial bite but offer great feedback to the rider and the progressive braking is also decent but I still would have wanted much from the front brake. especially since it’s a sportbike you can not use the rear brake too much and it doesn’t come with ABS which has shocked many even an optional ABS is not on offer. The suspension has been beefed up and it’s now a 41 mm fork from the 33 millimeters on the previous version and that does increase stability on the front but unlike the international version, the Indian version doesn’t get the upside-down forks that’s probably because of cost-cutting. The rear suspension is a swing arm link-type suspension and I absolutely love how much feedback and feel it transmits back to the rider from the rear wheel especially in the corners. We still are running MRF Nylo grip bias-ply tires and a lot of people would have wanted radial tires though these tires are great on the dry their wet grip is questionable. The motorcycle weighs 142 kg fully fueled which is just 3 kg more than the previous version.

R15 v3 meter

They have shortened the wheelbase by 1,325 millimeters to give this bike more agility and which is obviously required since the tires have been beefed up. Revised the seat height and raised it by 815 millimeters that’s gonna be a little bad for the shorter riders. The fuel tank capacity has been reduced to 11 liters but with 40 to 45 kilometers per liter mileage, this motorcycle has a very decent range of 400 kilometers or more which is really praiseworthy. Since you will not be taking this bike to tour I think that kind of range is more than enough for every type of rider. The motorcycle also comes with the slip-assist clutch and all-new LED headlamps apart from looking good they’re also pretty functional. Available in two different paint schemes had our hands on the gray and red combination which I absolutely love. The Daytona series of mods do offer further customization and Rs. 2200 for frame sliders which will save your fairings from a high side and low-side crash are my first recommendation. The second recommendation from the Daytonamod skit would be getting the bigger disc brake from the front and that gonna make your motorcycle safer so those are my two favorite mods on the Yamaha r15 V3.

The six-speed gearbox is perfect and with this kind of a smooth clutch it really takes your shifting game to a next level and launching this motorcycle of the line is a real pleasure and it was finally time to do just that put it onto the actual road test see how this motorcycle performs… I think that was pretty good… Let’s talk a bit about the ergonomics the handlebars are low that’s R15 tradition but you know they’ve raised the seat height so you really feel that much more comfortable, to be honest because there’s more legroom right now it’s 815 millimeters so even if you’re 5′-5″ I think you’ll be comfortable on this bike a lot of taller riders like six feet and above, didn’t want to ride the original R15and they didn’t buy the motorcycle just because they didn’t like the ergonomics now I’m not six feet but I think they’ll be a lot better on this bike. The footpegs are rear set but they’re not that aggressively rare set so in the city is manageable but while you’re going into the corners you do feel that they’re doing just about fine.

I think they’ve got the ergonomics a lot better because I’ve been riding this bike for over one hour right now and it’s been mostly slow riding with a little bit of fast paced and a slight bit of cornering but I think what we are getting out of this is pretty good pretty decent on the comfort side so if you can manage it in the city it will be very easy to putter around with it’s very light it’s 142 kgs wet which is 3 kgs heavier than the previous bike but you really don’t feel the weight because the wheelbase has been shortened and it’s a very agile motorcycle right now I’d like to talk about the styling a little bit first let’s talk about the LED headlamps they look absolutely brilliant this is the low beam and you flick it to the high beam it looks really great and then he had this mirrors new shape but the samesort of functionality and they’re adjustable they fold in pretty nicely they’ve got a hinge action so if you’re doing filtering you can easily fold and well the gear shift lever is perfectly positioned so and it is a great lever you don’t have any problems with the gearbox no false neutrals and it shifts with very little effort but there’s a good amount of feedback to it the front brake which I’m going to talk about has 282 millimeter brakes up front and that’s really nice because it’s it’s giving a lot of feedback and feel and progressive brake but to be honest it doesn’t have that much initial bite I don’t really like to use break on a sport bike especially since they do have a tendency to skid very easily on the version one the rear brake used to lock up the rear wheel pretty easily and that was a very thin tyre.

so right now I think it’ll be better with the styling perspective this very nice curved windshield is great for having it on a stock bike right so that definitely there if you compare it’s very curved body panels it looks like a bigger bike it feels like a bigger bike while you’re sitting on it and it doesn’t feel heavy at all so they’ve given it the big bike looks without the big bike weight because obviously with this kind of power if you increase the weight too much you’re gonna feel that this bike has no power at all so they’ve managed to give it a big bike look and feel without increasing the way too much there are plastic shrouds on the metal tank to make it look even bigger and it’s a new shape tank and it looks really aggressive fits very well with the rest of the motorcycle so overall pleased with the bike and now looking forward to some higher speed testing now is the time where we get to see allowed.

the wind protection I would say it’s good but not as good as the Apache rr 310 but the bike is really stable on the straights and not gonna gives you confidence I remember this is one of the most bumpiest highways so at higher speeds its destabilizes almost any motorcycle and we can’t really blame the wife for that but there’s a say that how the suspension will be here under bumps 120-140 disorder speed on this way thirty-four speedo indicated on that and that was good it can go further I believe but after 130 the speedo Rises very slowly so reaching to that top straight is not gonna be like some of those bikes that you just go up and up and up and you’ve hit the limiter because on the highway you would feel that the taller sixth gear is really for cruising so it’s not in a hurry to hit its top speed anytime soon it is a very happy engine so even at 8,000 rpm the engine doesn’t feel stressed because it can be wrapped all the way up to eleven thousand five hundred rpm so that’s one thing that you may not enjoy it in the city but in the highway you can take good advantage of that and that is exactly how I used to ride the motorcycle when I was having this same bike so when we are on the Indian Highway.

R15 v3 headlight

the general thing that I wanna see is whether the motorcycle is capable of cruising at 100 km/h speed without stressing out the engine and that’s gonna be at the 6th gear but right now we’re on the fifth we’re at seven seven and a half thousand rpm and we can move it up to sixth and say the RPM is dropping to five and a half thousand rpm and if we move it back upto seven thousand rpm we have exactly hundred km/h speed which is the cruising speed and at 7000 rpm I’d say the bike is almost vibration free so it is capable of doing cruising speeds 100 kilometers per hour pretty easily on the highway and that is I think a say sweet for this motorcycle because the brakes aren’t there for any higher speed I would not want to cruise on a higher speed with this kind of braking performance and it is it is not safe actually for any smaller capacity or cycle to do that sort of stuff and specifically because they don’t have the sickest aisles of the best brakes it is still the best150cc I mean I’ve written quite a few and right now as the CBR 150 which was the only motorcycle which could challenge this bike is no longer being sold it’s kind of like having a monopoly on the indian market for a sporty 150 cc motorcycle the next thing would which is much more in expensive but it doesn’t come anywhere close to this motorcycle in terms of technology or anything for that matter.

so yeah it’s kind of like the king of the 150s you could argue that a pulsar rs200 is just about maybe seven thousands more expensive and that is better for overall touring and that is also better with because it has it comes with an ABS system I think they have made it dual channel ABS this year I’m not sure so the Habeas version of the Pulsar must be expensive than this but it will still be having more power is more comfortable and it has abs so if you guys are looking for a motorcycle that is more tool worthy I think the Abs version of the Pulsar 200 RS makes more sense but the way this motorcycle looks feels and handles that’s a completely premium different idea now it is not late for Yamaha it is not too late for Yamaha to correct their small mistake on this motorcycle and to equip this with an ABS system even as an optional I mean they can release an optional abs version later if they feel like next year law is gonna come in and every motorcycle of 150 125 CC motorcycles are gonna have abs but we don’t know that laws getting delayed for the last three years so we not 100% sure whether that’s coming in next year or not.

if it comes it’s better for the Indian rider because that’s gonna be putting an end to power crabbing about ABS because it’ll become the law I will be mandatory just like wearing a helmet is now waiting for that day but till that day I really appeal to manufacturers because I know they watch these reviews to give us an ABS system that would be really nice I’ve been on this motorcycle for since 7:00 a.m. in the morning now it’s 11 I haven’t been riding constantly and I put in about three hours of riding so far I must say that I’m feeling a little bit of pain here because I wasn’t leaning down too much I was just locking up my elbows a little bit in the cruising position and still I would say the seats are good it’s not like those KTM super hard seats it’s not super soft as well so they’ve got that part right and the seat is white so that has always been there in our own fives he gives a great amount of support for the lower back.

now comes my favorite part cornering beautiful motorcycle holds right through the corner there was a lot of traffic and I couldn’t really get the initial in but just look at that bike and how its holds through the line this can absolutely murder at the track and especially at those tight tracks like only Motor Speedway. trust me I’ve been a to clearly and I would love to take this motorcycle there even with this stock MRF tyres this is the level of grip and performance that this bike has to offer I cannot imagine what would happen if we got the Mozilla’s on this bike I mean I’ve been getting one or two corners here and there not really getting it to put through the line exactly I had it once before and there I was not like recording I wasn’t recording I had a good amount of corner speed as well this one absolutely amazing I mean I could have gone much lower if I wanted but as you saw that there was a lot of traffic and I was trying to find a gap so we’re doing some city rides right now I would like to show you how click able this bike is so riding this bike into traffic not much of an issue filtering you’re gonna fold in the mirrors and then it’s just gonna be as easy as any other bike it’s very light so you’re not gonna face much issues yeah it is front heavy and that is not a good thing for this type of you know corner cutting and stuff like he’s doing right now but what I tell you is great by to filter it now very easy by to live it.

you know I’ve had a lot of questions about the ergonomics and how it’s so aggressive and whether we could actually live with the spike I would say until unless you’re middle-aged or until unless you’re suffering from back or wrist pains I am carrying a very heavy backpack around 8 kg I believe on my back and I’ve been riding with that most of the time and I really don’t feel much different to be very honest and the throttle inputs are very precise so the moment you decelerate you can feel that it’s coming in there is no hollowness there is no what you call the false throttle whatever you do 5 degree turn you feelit so that makes the throttle very accurate and it’s a it’s a boon to usein the city it’s a boon to use in the cornering because you can be much more confident and you can rely on this bike to do exactly what you wanted to do one thing I have to say is how refined this bike feels at five and a six thousand rpm virtue and the fifth key we’re doing 60 km/h video indicated which is like most of the cities have this kind of speed limits on the main roads so it feels like a very effortless bike to ride but if you’re accelerating from this kind of a speed you would obviously feel a little bit follow.

so if you want to enjoy that power you have to play around with the gear box quite a bit but in case you’re in the relaxed mode I think this does just fine and with this kind of agility any kind of turn this becomes like a race track I mean you really enjoy putting the bike through the corners I wish we had some twisties I really wish we had some twisties do you see one thing interesting is whenI’m kicking into 8000rpm there is on top of the speedo there is a vva that’s coming in so probably it’s telling you that the vva is turned on I I don’t think I’ve seen that before I will show you the turns on right now it’s it’s showing VVA so that means a variable valve adjustment system which this engine has a new feature that they’re actually letting you know when it’s kicking it a part from the clock the console has everything gear position indicator auto meter RPM meter which is a very nice curved thing the speedometeris obvious and it’s very big so just a glance down you can check out whatever’s out there and the fuel we’ve ridden it quite hard.

I would say that we’re getting good mileage it’s about eleven liters of fuel tank road conditions get bad then this aggressive riding pressure what happens is you feel more of the road because there’s a lot of feedback from the front and that kind of tires out your wrists and if you’re carrying a backpack that way it’s gonna be more onto your back and for pillion riding as well if the pillion spitting in too much pressure on your back that’s gonna tire you out as well the pillion seat is lower on the spike so that’s one thing they have done but it’s still a small-sized seat and it’s not very well cushioned so you can expect your slim girlfriend to fit there just fine but just don’t expect to do any long rides with her because she’s gonna complain about it so we’re back from the ride of the Yamaha r15 v3 and I must say that I’m really impressed.


let’s just walk you through the conclusions and some of the drawbacks that we found a lot of you have asked me questions about the headlights and their night-time performance. I told you the headlight performance is a lot better than FZ 25 but I haven’t tested it out myself this has four headlights going out at the eyebeam so obviously the performance should be a lot better in the low beam you have two headlights going out and it’s still better than the FZ 25 but there’s great isn’t that white and it’s not gonna be one of those best headlights but I think it will perform reasonably.

well, the second thing is about the tires I have told you that these tires have good reasonable dry grip but tomorrow’s to struggle in the wet Yamaha is offering you an optional metal upgrade in near future so a lot of you guys were finicky about me about tire grips can go for that.

the third thing that I really did not like about was the front desk and the amount of bite it had the bike is really fast and it would do be the better braking there is not much else that I could find wrong with this motorcycle some might say that the pricing is really high but I really don’t think that the amount of tech and styling that it has got to offer that the pricing is any higher ABS would have been an absolute boon on this motorcycle even if it was an optional one and those are really the some of the small nitpicks that I have with the ABS being the biggest one the owner is claiming a mileage of about 438 kilometers 240 even plus sometimes he’s saying is getting more than 40 I haven’t tested it out myself.

I was riding pretty hard so we were getting much less returns but those are not ideal riding conditions so I would say that you were good with mileage Yamaha bikes to infest have aged and when they age the mileage reduces but initially you can expect anymore anywhere around 38 to 40 kilometers per liter mileage I still think this is the best 150 cc motorcycle in India right now and it always was you know for the last 10 years this has been the top 150 cc motorcycle it having the new more aggressive organ, I personally think it is more comfortable because it’s giving you more legroom with the hot dollar seat item and the red rear-set footpegs are not really that much aggressive so for comfort. thank you for again and goodbye

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