Yamaha R15 v3 bs6 vs Ktm Rc 125 bs6-

r15 v3 vs ktm rc 125

hello guys, today we are going to compare R15 v3 to KTM RC 125. You get 18.3 bhp power and 14.1Nm Torque in R15 v3 and 14.5 bhp power and 12 Nm Torque in KTM RC 125. So let me tell you, both bikes are fully fairing bikes and The price of both is also almost similar. So the comparison of these two bikes is made.


Yamaha R15 v3 bs6-PriceKtm RC 125 bs6 –Price
Ex-Showroom (Jaipur)1,45,800 rsEx-Showroom (Jaipur)1,59,501 rs
RTO15,389 rsRTO14,110 rs
Insurance10,229 rsInsurance7,909 rs
On-road Price in Jaipur1,71,418 RsOn-road Price in Jaipur1,81,520

Looks वाइज-

See the look of both bikes, it depends on you which bike looks better, personally I like look of the KTM RC 125 much better in the comparison of r15 v3 and the front look of R15 v3.you get full LED headlights with which make the bike look very cool, while you get projector headlights in Rc 125 Which looks very good. Now look at both bike, the KTM RC 125 has a slightly better look and This bike looks quite attractive and gives you a premium look.

FeaturesR15 v3 bs6Ktm RC 125 bs6
Displacement155 cc124.7 cc
Engine single cylinder  4-stroke bs6 fi-Liquid Cooled engineSingle Cylinder, 4 Valve, Liquid Cooled, FI, DOHC
Max Power18.3 bhp @ 10,000 rpm14.5 bhp @ 9250 rpm
Max Torque14.1 Nm @ 8,500 rpm12 Nm @ 8000 rpm
Gear-Box6 Speed6 Speed
Mileage40-45 kmpl40-45 kmpl
Riding Range440 km380 km
Top speed145 km/h125 km/h
BrakesDual-channel absSingel channel abs
Front disc size282 mm300 mm
Rear disc size220 mm230 mm
HeadlightFully LED Headlamphalogen Projector Headlamp with DRL
Front SuspensionTelescopic ForkUSD
Rear SuspensionSwingarm (link suspensionMonoshock
Meter ConsoleFully digital Meter consoleFully digital Meter console
Seat height 815 mm820 mm
Fuel capacity11 ltr (reserve 1.9ltr)9.5 ltr (reserve 1.5 ltr)
Weight140 kg154.2 kg
Tyres typeTubelessTubeless
Front Tyre size100/80-17110/70-17
Rear Tyre size140/70-17150/60-17


you get a 155cc single-cylinder 4-stroke bs6 fi-liquid cooled engine in R15 v3 and You also get a 125 cc single-cylinder 4-stroke bs6 fi-liquid cooled engine in RC 125.


You get 18.3 bhp power and 14.1 Nm Torque in R15 v3 and 14.5 bhp power and 12 Nm Torque in KTM RC 125. Due to which you can see the performance in R15 v3 quite well, and the initial pick-up is also seen more than RC 125 and You will also see more top-end in R15 v3. A 6-speed gear-box is available in both bikes.


Talking about mileage here, almost the same mileage is seen in both the bikes.you can easily take out a mileage of 40 to 45 kmpl on the highway, and Mileage of 35 kmpl can be extracted in the city of both bikes, here both bikes give you good mileage.

Top speed-

Now when we talk about speed, you get a top speed of up to 145 km in R15 v3 and you get a top speed of up to 120 km plus in RC 125. Get to see more in the top-end R15 v3 here and Initial pick-up is also seen more.


you get dual channel abs in R15 v3 and Singel channel abs in RC 125 and discs in both Front and Rear too. In R15 v3 the size of the front disc is 282 mm and the size of the rear disc is 220 mm and in RC 125 the size of the front disc is 300 mm and the size of the rear disc is 230 mm. Due to the dual-channel abs in the R15 v3, you get some good looks from the braking RC 125.


Fully LED Headlamp seen in R15 v3 and RC 125 features halogen projector headlamps and DRL(Daytime running lights) Which were seen earlier.


Telescopic Fork in front of R15 v3 and Swingarm (link suspension) in the rear and RC 125 gets USD in front and Monoshock in the rear. that’s why RC 125 gets few good Suspension.

Meter Console-

A fully digital Meter console is available in both the bikes. In the console of both bikes, a lot of information can be seen, such as gear shift indicator, stand alarmed, mileage, etc. You get to see more information in the RC 125 Meter console.

Seat height व comfort-

You get split seats on both bikes. R15 v3 has a seat height of 815 mm and RC 125 has a seat height of 820 mm. Now let’s talk about seat comfort, the seats are fine in both bike. I mean they are good for a short ride but I will not recommend you for long rides.

Fuel capacity-

You get a fuel capacity of 11 ltr (reserve 1.9ltr) in R15 v3 and a fuel capacity of 9.5 ltr (reserve 1.5ltr) in RC 125.


The R15 v3 has a weight of 142 kg and the RC 125 has a weight of 154.3 kg. That is why R15 v3 has more top-end and performance due to its light weight.

Tyres size-

you get to see tubeless tires in both the bikes. In R15 v3 Front, tire size is 100 / 80-17 and Rear tire size is 140 / 70-17 and on the other side, RC 125 is available in Front tire size 110/70 – 17 and Rear tire size 150/60 – 17. We get tires of both bikes with a 17-inch Alloy. We find the tires in the RC 125 slightly better than the R15 v3.

Value for money bike –

Now talking about value for money bike, R15 v3 winner in performance and pick up But here you see, the major points that Rc 125 possesses are his look and quality of his material and his build quality is also good. Now you have to decide which bike you want to buy.

If you want the look and good power then you can take Rc 125 and If you want power, performance, and look then you can take R15 v3. I think value for money bike R15 v3 only Because in this, along with power and performance, you get very good looks as well. So I will move to R15 v3.

Now you must comment and tell which bike you liked.

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