KTM Duke 390 bs6 Review-

duke 390 bs6

KTM Duke 390 we’ve been part of the journey of the KTM brand in India since 2012 and I myself purchased the very first model of the 2013 KTM Duke 390. It’s amazing how year after year they keep adding features to the motorcycle whereas the competition of the BMW G310R just looks like an overpriced joke now. The same 373.2 cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled 4 valve DOHC engine is now back with BS6 certification but it does not lose any power and torque it remains the same at 43.5 horsepower and 37 Newton meters of torque which is a feat in itself by KTM engineers. The addition of a quick shifter does make it interesting though. So, does the BS6 engine change the power delivery? And how much difference will that quickshifter make to the 0-100 timings? Let’s find out in the review of the 2020 KTM duke 390.

Early on, the motorcycle feels just the same as the previous version, however, the rear suspension setting on the bike I received was set to the hardest, which made the motorcycle bouncy, over bad patches of roads. Also, the seat height felt raised with the high preload setting and close to or over 825mm. One thing that KTM has never compromised with is the tires. The 150 section wide rear tire provides a lot of stability at higher speeds and even the front tires are great during overs and stability under hard braking.

duke 390 headlight

However, when these tires wear out you do have the option to go for the Apollo alpha H1tires which are W rated and much more superior with longer life and better grip or you can go with the Metzelers W rated tires which are grippy but do not have that long a life. Ergonomics wise ever since 2017, the KTM has improved greatly and the bigger air box meant a higher seat height which means that it’s a challenge for anybody below 5′-5″ inches but taller riders would find it better. I would like KTM India to introduce a power part seat which brings down the seat height, however, you can also do this at a local modifier shop by cutting the foam of the seat but still, an official solution would be good because there are a lot of short riders who are a little scared of the KTM Duke 390.

The handlebars feel just in the right position with about 15 degrees lean forward for a guy of my height around 5′-8″ and that gives enough front end feel for countersteering maneuvers in traffic and yet not aggressive enough to cause wrist pain like some of the super sportbikes. The wider fuel tank offers a lot of space for your knees along with the footpegs which are a bit too rare set and all-day rides well covering around 500 kilometers on the Duke does put a strain on the bent knee, however, on shorter rides or City commutes you’re most likely not going to experience this. The seats are wide and quite firm in support of the rider seat is comfortable enough for all-day rides but the pillion seat is better for short stints for say about a hundred kilometers.

overall I found the ergonomics to be really impressive for a naked bike. In touring I would say that the motorcycle does a 100 km/h speed in 6th gear right above 6000 rpm which means if you stretch it to about lightweight and a half thousand rpm the motorcycle can cruise up to 135 or around 140 which is extremely high cruising speed, I know that the engine feels stressed but KTM engines have been able to take that kind of pounding and I’ve done it for three and a half hours without any major problems on the KTM Duke 390. So, you do get that this is a fast cruising motorcycle also if you’re maintaining 120 I think it can do it for eight hours a day no problems at all, and with the 13.5 liters of the fuel tank which they introduced in 2017.

this bike does have a decent range and the highway so for those who ride faster on the highways like me, I definitely prefer the Duke 390 over the duke390 for touring especially because the bike being lighter and talking at the same time offers better braking so I can do those higher speeds safely handling wise the KTM always feels extremely sharp and the weight is are 172 kilograms but thanks to the trellis frame it feels lighter than that and that we have always been able to just point and shoot despite it gives me enough confidence to write the address of Lee, of course, going fast means you have to stop faster as well the front brake provides a lot of bite along with strong progressive follow-through and the rare discs are kind of like a support system I use a 70/30 braking ratio and they’re even the rare chips in quite nicely to provide a very nice stopping feel of course.

duke 390 TFT

there’s the dual-channel switchable ABSfrom Bosch to take care of the sudden panic braking or even when you’re braking on wet or broken surfaces the brakes on the KTM Duke 390 make it one of the safest bikes in the side over high between features is one department where the Duke 390 outshines others by a mile we already know about the lightweight steel trellis frame and the angular lines which just add so much to the styling the full-color TFT – was a segment-first and it’s easy to read looks ultra-premium and can be read under all lighting conditions the console offers Bluetooth connectivity with a smartphone to display caller ID and music tracks along with the ability to take and reject calls increase the volume of music or even change tracks the headlamp is a 12 segment full LED unit with LED DRLs and this unit is quite functional at night also the tail lamp along with indicators or LED as well.

you don’t have to spend thousands of rupees on adjustable brake and clutch levers because it’s standard fitment on a KTM Duke 390 there is a ride by wire and a switchable ABS system with the supermoto mode for those who like to slide out there and of course the newest addition to this long list of features is the-directional quick shifter or quick shifter Auto clipper combo I used it hundreds of times in my limited time with this motorcycle and only once did I hit a false neutral while going from first to second gear elsewhere it worked perfectly I personally like the way that 43millimeter upside-down fork is set up but it is non adjustable on the other hand the rare which is a 10 step preload adjustable suspension system from WP was set to a very harsh setting from the factory on the bike that I got but you can easily soft in it and even shorter rider scans oftener to reduce the seat height any motorcycle from KTM slide up is known for its 40 performance and the RCS have always been very tracked focused.

duke 390 seat

the Duke 250 and Duke 390 can hold their own the white fields is stable mid-cornerand how did the cotton expiration is really linear so you can get early on the gas while exiting the corner one major concern has been the early limiterhit on the KTM bikes here the limiter is a shade above 10,000rpm and it’s a hard limit a hit which means I hit it quite a few times whileriding aggressively and it doesn’t hit it softly once you bounce off the limiter the speed immediately decreases quite a bit which kind of screws offyour line if you’re doing corner the equation if that does help while you’rein the straights to shift quickly if you hit the limiter but I can’t shift midcorner and that’s where I kept hitting the limiter so I wish KTM would offer amap to unlock higher rpms especially for those who are on track users those who are commuting with this motorcycle or touring with it will most likely not feel this if I’m going to complain about the motorcycle is probably the early hit of the limiters only think that I can complain about in this excellentmotorcycle it’s been a long.


A personal journey with the KTM Duke 390 this is the 2013 edition this is my personal bike initially it was 43.5 horsepower and 35 Newton meters of told BS 3 standard engine and in 2014-13 this was the same model in 2015 they added a slipper clutch they reduced the total angle to a 90 degree from a 90 degree to a 60-degree angle and then in 2017 we made a huge leap forward completely changed their styling and they make improvements to the ergonomics by raising the seat height and that practically made that u worse launched forward a little bit gave you more feedback on the front they made a larger airbox of course to increase a little bit of air intake into the engine they improved the taught by one Newton meters though in 2017 we have had the biggest of changes and in 2018 they made the motorcycle to a bs4 standard and then in 2020 we are finally here with the KTM Duke 390 2020 Edition which is now bs6 compliant and unlike other manufacturers.

were just happy to improve their engine specs from the bs4 to be bs6 KDM actually when there and in a quick shifter and it’s a bidirectional quick shifter both up and down what that directly means is while you’re commuting there’s less engagement of clutch you don’t need to use it while upshifting or downshifting it’s going to make huge differences to the 0-200timing and those who are taking this motorcycle out on the track you will also feel the difference in touring maybe not so much but imagine if you are riding 12 to 14 hours a day and you have to use the clutch for that long a period so then whatever clutch usage is less that will be safer on your left hand a lot of cushion for the rider as well as the pillion and it’s pretty wide for both of them I would not still recommend this motorcycle for two-up touring but in city the opinion will be comfortable and for touring the rider at least is comfortable I have done hundreds of kilometers in a single day on a 2017 and2018 KTM Duke 390.

it has the same seat I can safely tell you that itis a very good motorcycle to do all day Turing’s now when we wrote this motorcycle today we came up with a few observations first of all I think the power delivery has been mellowed out it’s a little smoother probably will deliver better mileage but the hooliganism you know with the more stricter emission norms it is getting reduced so not a lot of people will enjoy that however it is still faster thanks to the quick shifter in the acceleration top speed remains in that 158 to 160 km/h which wasn’t very impressive considering my old Duke 390 can still do 173 km/h even after it’s asix year old bike so yeah a top-end performance has been a little bit cut down the previous bike was prone to release the 2017 edition haven’t tried release on this one but I feel if we did still has that same eagerness to carcome up around 55 60 degree bottle which means getting the full throttle on is very easy so that’s not very beginner friendly for pro riders for enthusiast riders will definitely enjoy .

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