KTM Duke 250 ABS Review-

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We rode the Duke 250 when it came out in the summer of 2020, two years on the bike remains largely unchanged with the exception of the dual-channel ABS and the BS-IV engine, which is still a 249 CC single-cylinder DOHC unit. The KTM Duke 250 is a cross between the Duke 200 and Duke 390 the overall shape, frame, and DRLs, along with the seats, the larger fuel tank, are from the Duke 390 but the halogen headlamps, the simple digital console, and usage of MRF tires are from the Duke 200. KTM bikes have been gaining at price over the years but they have improved fit and finish wise, greatly. Though the adjustable levers of the 390 are missing here. It is important to note, however, that all the KTM bikes currently have LED indicators along with a beautiful LED tail lamp the front gets a forty-three-millimeter upside-down non-adjustable fork which terminates at a 300 mm single disc with four-piston calipers. The rear mono-shock is a 10 step pre-load adjustable unit with a 230mm disc with two interesting calipers managing the braking on the rear tire.

The last time we rode it, it was an extremely flick-able motorcycle with wide comfortable seats and more than enough power in the city but this time we get to test it out in open roads. So let’s take it out there and see how it performs… actual FC is a feature that I don’t absolutely enjoy because previously we used to have an average fuel economy. Now, this one changes every few moments, now it’s 14 a few minutes ago it was showing 0 then it was now at 17 now it’s 18 so I don’t like actual fuel economy had all its wasted feature what they’re on the previous bike, the average fuel economy of to just 45kmpl.I think we did a very, very harsh breaking. A lot better is so we did some aggressive downshifting activated the slipper clutch 122 km/h on the corner. so easily done around 140 on the same corner so I would say we still kind of slow on to the motorcycle and on the Duke 200.

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I was hitting the upper limit, the rev limiter on the gear shifts and I felt that to be a big disadvantage and here at least in the corners, the speeds that I am carrying are a correct Here I am not having to trip into those rev limiters which are a good thing in my book Because if you, if you’re gonna do some aggressive cornering yeah the bike has handling and everything but that was a major component with the RC 125 as well, it was doing so well in corners that the engine power was so less that we weren’t always hitting the top limiter and KTMs have a very restrictive hard limiter at around 10,500 RPM and when you hit that it doesn’t feel natural at all because you have kind of bounces back it is not a soft hit it bounces back so if you hit your bikes even it in a corner smoothly kind of goes away so you don’t really feel that much smooth through the corners and the main thing is to be fast you have to be smooth through the corners. Riding the 2019 KTM Duke 250, ABS version. So we rode this motorcycle about a couple of years ago and the two major changes are the dual-channel abs that have been incorporated into the design.

I can tell you the power is more than the Duke 200 and it’s a more free-revving engine the gearing ratios are also a little different but what sets this bike apart from other KTM models is the 46 rear sprocket. This means that this has been geared for acceleration guys and yes compared to the Duke 200 you do feel the difference in acceleration though the power is only up by five horsepower you do feel quite a bit of difference. the headlight the character is closer to the Duke 390 then to Duke 200 and that is because it has same body design which means the handlebars feel kind of lower because the seat heights have been raised and it’s a better front-end feel so that has always been there with the new Duke 390 and the Duke 200 always felt very front light whereas this one is clickable at the same time provides a lot more feel upfront which means when I am pushing through these corners I am feeling a little bit better in handling.

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the last time we wrote that you 250 we were in the absolute city conditions so it wasn’t like we could push that bike too much but this time we would actually try to implement a little bit harder riding to see how the motorcycle feels and I can tell you that to most people who ask me whether they should go for a do 200 or the 250 if they’re on a budget the 250 is around 2.45 lakhs on-road Jaipur which is significantly higher than the 2 lakhs of the Duke two hundred and forty thousand rupees of price point difference I tell them yeah for the Duke 200 you’re getting almost value for money and that’s why I generally recommend people to go with the Duke 200 however after riding the Duke 250 like this where I’m actually getting to understand and test out its power I can tell you that there is a significant amount of difference in the acceleration and ride feel which makes me feel since the 250.

now also comes with the dual-channel ABS that it is a better Buy compared to the new 24 Nm of torque which is also coming down a very low 7,000 around rpm which is a good thing so this motorcycle gets the MRF tiers which is run the new200 I wish that people who buy the Duke 250 this is my friend’s bike something bad happened to his previous motorcycle we will talk about that in a separate video but he got this bike all new and the thing is what I’d recommend most people is to switch to the Apollo alpha once this tire wears out because I’ve been using the Apollo alpha on my Duke 390 and they’ve held over the year pretty well they’re still almost new which is amazing since it’s been a year or so with the duke 200.

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I was always banging up the gears and hitting the rev limiter and with this bike, I feel I have more room to play with which I don’t know if just the gearing ratios or what but seems like it’s been designed a little differently since it has more power and the acceleration is taken more by the sprocket then duke 200 which uses the high acceleration by means of a very short gear ratio so with the 200 you do need to shift around a lot I feel if you are not pushing aggressively with the Duke 250 you won’t need to really shift gears that much that’s a good thing for those who are kind of going into the city now weight-wise it does weigh a little bit more than the duke 200 but like all KTM bikes the trellis for him it kind of makes the frame so rigid that you feel the bike waste lighter than it actually is which means once you are on the get-go you won’t really feel that this is a heavy motorcycle though it is I guess about 15 kgs heavier than the duke 200.

that’s just a guess I’d put the numbers tests are the breaking I love it there yeah I know about KTM bikes they are always gonna deliver on the braking department now this has a 300 mm disc upfront 230 at the rear and four-piston calipers up front like that’s what I like about the KTM s I feel that braking configuration gives the bike so much stopping power that you can go lay down the braking and you know this bike will stop a lot of people talk about KTM is not being safe and that’s something I don’t really ever believe because a motorcycle which has great handling and great braking if it’s faster than your crashing because you’re going fast and you’re pushing your limits but if you’re going on the same speed level like you’re doing 80 km/h on the highway on this bike compared to any other bike in this segment.

this bike is safer because this will stop quicker you can do better evasive maneuvers like for example I can weave through traffic that move was probably a little bit of jerk move but I had to show it to you guys how nicely this bike weaves through and that was very harsh braking where we tested out and I couldn’t stop kind of activated the ABS of we bit in that and it did work well KTM unlike a lot of manufacturers.

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Oh Who am I kidding I feel on the highway the sixth gear gives you a lot more fuel efficiency and lower rpm on cruising where as in the city having the sixth gear is not necessary but that means your gearing ratios can be designed better so having a sixth key on a 250 cc motorcycle is an absolute essential for me specifically with 30 horsepower and all of that this bike does smoke the FZ 25 thats 20 horsepower this is 30 so when initially it came out we had this idea that the FZ 25 which also has a 46 street rear sprocket what a coincidence that it would be able to keep up with this bike on acceleration tests I after riding both the bikes can tell you that this bike will smoke that bike quite easily right now that the open roads a cantilever the cruising so we are doing about 100 km/h and the RPM is still as low as six and a half thousand rpm so sixth gear six and a half thousand rpm I would say hundred is still on the mid-range rightso having mid-range on 100 km/h is good because that makes your cruising kind of stable and safe for the engine all day another thing that.

we talked about is the engine braking and the engine braking is very very hard like always there is on the usual KTM bikes and when you brake really hard the bike has to slow down in a particular way is a stiffer front suspension that KTM always gives and with the new frame it always stops in a straight line there’s a little drama and that short gives me a lot better stability in the braking so we’re riding the 2020 KTM Duke 250 with the dual-channel abs and the bs6 engine that’s not a major change what I really like to skate here put the tool Channel ABS which differentiates this motorcycle from the Duke 200 and the top 125.


so now this bike becomes more value for money to me the 2.45 lakh price point is also right in the bill between of the Duke 200 which comes at around one point nine lakhs and the Duke 390 which comes around three lakhs I’m talking about-road prices here because that’s what you guys want to know Pike has a really aggressive sport riding field for the bottom half because it has got rear-set footpegs but the upper body is more of a relaxed so on the touring front I really like that kind of sitting posture the front-end feel and coordinating has improved the bigger fuel tank also means that this light has phenomenal range on the highway probably my favorite motorcycle if you are looking for a decent mileage motorcycle to run the highway with the bigger tank I really don’t like stopping for fuel every few hours so that’s a big positive for me.

another big impact is the pillion seat good comfortable pillion seat that 50/50is a way better option than the duke 200 also the rider seat is wider because it’s from the 390 the same kind of detailing softer cushions so you’re gonna enjoy that on the longer tools when it initially came out didn’t have the ABS couldn’t recommend it for touring to me it was just like somebody who wanted a bit more power from the 200 and the looser 390 but with the ABS now the spike becomes a proper proposition for a touring motorcycle this being a bigger motorcycle also has a larger capacity to store in your saddlebags Iknow there’s a lot of new options coming on with the 390 adventure and obviously that buy this dedicated for touring but if you’re not looking for maybe spending that much right now because I think that bike will be expensive with all the new features that it comes with and also with the lower mileage.

the new 250 is gonna be an excellent highway to register at a wellspring to it a couple of saddlebags and you’re good to goI think the motorcycle at 2.45 that price point right now makes a lot more sense to me so if you guys wanna book this motorcycle go for a test drive. if you have already ridden it all on it please put down your comments. your friends who probably are looking for a new bike this is blowing away the competition of the FC to five not really comparable so not comparing it with that bike ten horsepower more and also in a premium segment think this motorcycle currently does not have that many competitors because in itself is it’s in an own segment but that’s what the do 250 is it’s not really very common because a lot of people do like spending that extra 70 K and going for the 390 or saving 40k and going for the 200 but still I think this is a well-balanced choice and it could be an excellent first motorcycle as well.