KTM Duke 200 bs6 review-

duke 200 bs6

Seven years ago KTM set foot in India. They started a movement that quickly gained momentum via orange day’s track-days and rider meetups. An unknown brand from Europe generated a frenzied following on social media and soon became the icon, of affordable performance it had all started with this motorcycle the KTM Duke 200. The Duke 200 brought a lot of features on to an entry-level motorcycle in the Indian market whereas other manufacturers who were routinely downgrading products to cut costs KTM took the opposite policy the liquid-cooled DOHC engine was just a 199.5 cc but it produced a healthy 25 bhp at 10,000 rpm torque was ample as well at 19.2 Nm at 8,000 rpm the lightweight steel trellis frame kept the overall weight even on the latest version to 148 kg and earlier versions were even lighter and then came the series of features like the 43 mm upside-down forks. 10-step adjustable rear shock absorber 150 section wide rear tire aluminum swingarm.

the most informative console in its class LED indicators and tail lamps the only thing missing was probably a full LED headlamp but KTM has always been about that raw unapologetic styling and a low underbelly exhaust which kept the center of gravity low and made the motorcycle that much sleeker and yes it handled I considered the KTM Duke 200 to be the almost perfect city bike almost perfect because right up to now it didn’t have abs in the India spec version seven years on and it finally gets a Dual-channel ABS so it’s time to put this motorcycle to the road test and see what it can do. Just wrecked open the throttle and it’s a brand new bike is doing a 131 km/h.

duke 200

the KTM Duke 200 has always been my favorite city bike as you can see it easily go to 100 km/h we are still on 5th gear and it almost reached a hundred now if we do have the sixth gear for this bike it’s light it’s agile you should ride this bike if you understand how light it is and then compare it with anything else on the market and the 200-250 cc category including the FZ25 you can ride an R15 you can ride CBR 150 and they don’t make those anymore and you understand how light this is that’s the emphasis on a city bike you definitely don’t want the weight.

if I duke 200 someone that a lot of stunts prefer this because it’s got that you know very true power delivery wins the throttle response is absolutely amazing. getting the Duke 200 over some bad patches of Road suspension is hard but it is very true it doesn’t wobble around that much. Emission norms have come in and a lot of different bikes are feeling different after the BS6 norms, not this bike it’s almost the same let’s talk a bit about the ergonomics. The handlebars on the Duke are pretty low but it is still a very much upright sitting position something that I’ve always enjoyed about the Dukes but the footpegs are immensely rare set.

duke 200 bs6 meter console

So it’s kind of like a Dukes used to have a very much supermoto origin and over the years the KTM has become more and more Street naked, I mean if you ride the new Duke 390 it’s got a completely street naked body positioning right now they made the front end heavier and seat-height has been increased so the bike you know it makes you lean a little bit forward that’s the new one so the front end stability and feedback have both improved this one, however, the front end stability isn’t that big however this bike is more flick-able and feels more playful while flicking around one of the most flick-able bikes actually it’s perfect for the city rider ergonomics for the longer tours may not be the best bike because if you for the rare set footpegs a lot of people don’t like that on the touring I personally don’t mind I’ve done over 600 kilometers in a single day I like it.

A lot of people tell me that Duke is just another 200 cc motorcycle so what’s special about it well let me tell you the things that are special it’s got a 300-millimeter disc upfront as far as I remember but what I definitely remember is this uses four-piston calipers whereas other 200 cc bikes mostly use twin-piston calipers so those two extra calipers you must ride this bike to believe it what difference it makes second of all it got the trellis frame, a very lightweight and if you ever break it it’s very cheap to replace as it’s just 11,000 rupees as far as I know. so that the trellis frame is there which gives us my great agility stability and cornering. So, that’s what it has. It has a six-speed gearbox it has liquid cooling it has upside-down forks forty-three-millimeter fat upside-down forks which gives the front end great amount of stability and the rear suspension is a 10-step adjustable suspension.

duke 200 bs6 engine

it’s got LED indicators it’s got a very light carpet the initial duke 200 the first batch was even lighter then they had to make the alloy is heavier because the lightweight alloys were cracking under Indian Road conditions. Pinning it through in the corners I believe we can do further but the air pressure is a little bit on the higher side so the bikes’ moving around a bit too much. Oh yeah, the instrument console it has a trip time clock lots of warning lights fuel consumption and everything and you can just change it by pressing this buttons on the console so you get average of your speed and everything you get you to get your mileage you get serviced you and it’s one of the most informative consoles now the duke 200 has been low on the talk but still, the engine has never let down on an uphill climb.

where the bike was under a lot of you know luggage and some people even carried billions the motorcycle always slimed up effortlessly while doing the drag race with the rs200 we had a very short space to slow down so I ended up testing the brakes going from over 100 kilometers per hour speed to absolute stop and the dual-channel ABS of the motorcycle here performed quite well brake is also really nice there is a little bit of bite and then there is a strong progressive field remember when I was riding the RS 200 on the same exact stretch slowing down was quite a task and on that bike, I had some stability issues under braking whereas on the Duke the braking happened quite in a linear fashion and at least in the brakes Department this is one of the safest motorcycles you can buy.


you know fit and the finish has improved over in the KTM. the vibrations not much there on the new 200 heating problem weren’t much there compared to the Duke390. when the Duke 390 has improved so they’ve made smaller changes in refinement but if you have ridden a bike seven years ago it’s still the same bike that’s the Duke 200 because we’ve ridden the 125 you’ve seen it I said it may be good for somebody who’s starting up in college.

they want more mileage this one’s delivering around 33 kilometers per liter that one would be delivering around 50 kilometers per liter so there is a huge difference in my little over to the 125 but this back st. Can more forward and what that does is it allows you to take this bike into the highways and it tested a top speed car 131 km/h so maybe not at the top speed really easily cruising around one hundred ten kilometers per hour all day this has a six clear which is very important in the highway and you know people have done the back on this bike people have done rallies on these bike standards like it so it’s gonna be your best city bike for me that’s always been there and you can step up from here to the Duke 250 which is more or less a little bit more power but a lot better with the 390 is bodywork and then obviously have the Duke 390 which is you know the absolute best I feel under 4 lakhs for India any motorcycle that I hope you guys enjoyed it the ergonomics and feels will make you comfortable in most of the riding positions touring the real set might be a little bit too much but I personally don’t have any issues.

If you want naked bike then duke 200 bs6 is the perfect bike for you. You can buy it.

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